The curriculum at Rawal Bal Shiksha Kendra is academically oriented, but the stress given on co-curricular activities makes sure that the students get ample opportunities to develop their latent talents in all aspects. Speeches, debates, seminars, workshops etc. immensely contribute towards the personality development of the students. Cultural programmes provide a platform to those pupils who are artistically inclined.


Sporting activities are accorded top priority and every student in encouraged to take part in them. Students are made to understand that a healthy physique is the abode of a sound mind. Special coaching for Sports like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Volley Ball and Table Tennis etc. Is being provided and many students have participated in many state and national level sporting events.

Supportive Activities

  • Medical check-up
  • Tours & visits
  • Workshops, Symposiums
  • Demonstrations
  • Social Services
  • Disasters Management
  • Maintenance of greenery
  • Doctors counselling
  • Citizen Forum
  • Traffic rules
  • Important Telephone Numbers
  • First Aid
  • Social Etiquette
  • Bank / Post Office
  • Prayers
  • Dress Up
  • Weather Watch

Hindi Recitation Competition

Fancy Dress Competition

Quiz Competition

Eng Recitation Competition

Art and Craft Club

Music Club

Dance Club

Discussion Club

Dramatic Club